We Can Set The Foundations For Your Next Project

The basis of any great project is a solid concrete slab. All concrete slabs require steel reinforcement to ensure the concreting stays solidly together. At Walton Concreting, all our concreting work starts with laying a plain concrete slab. Want to know more about our services? Check out full slabbing services.

Water tanks

Australia, as you know, is a land of drought and flooding rains. To conserve water, many Australian choose to install a water tank on their property to save on their water usage. If you want to install a water tank on your property you’ll need a solid concrete base for it to sit on and to keep it even. Installing a water tank directly onto the earth will cause it to sink after heavy rains.


Sheds also require a concrete slab before they are put down. Without a concrete slab, your shed will gradually sink into the ground and cause the shed (and it’s contents) to rust. By concreting first, you can keep you shed level and protect everything inside.

Car ports

Concrete slabs are also essential for all car ports. They provide a stable and even surface for parking your car, without the damage caused by stone and gravel surfaces. We can lay a single or double carport concrete slab to suit your needs and can even connect your carport to your door with a concrete pathway.

We can also create concrete slab bases for patios that can later be customised in any way you choose. Once the slab is laid, we can add colour, create a pebble look, or stamp a pattern on it to match your home.

Need us to set the foundation for your next project? Contact Walton Concreting today. Based on the Gold Coast, we cater to all suburbs.

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