Concrete Slabs

How our Gold Coast concreting services can help you with concrete slabs

All concrete slabs require steel reinforcement to hold it together. All the concreting work we do starts with laying plain concrete slabs.

Once the slabs are laid, we can add colour, create a pebble look, or stamp a pattern on it. This will give your concrete slab a unique look to match virtually any setting.

Concrete Slabs | Gold Coast | Walton Concreting

If you choose a colour for your concreting, we’ll also apply a sealer to protect it from fading and from wear.

Concrete slabs for water tanks

If you want to install a water tank on your property you’ll need a solid concrete base for it to sit on and to keep it even.

If a water tank is built directly onto the ground (earth), it will start to sink in after heavy rains which can then cause cracking and rupturing to the tank.

Concrete slabs for carports

Having a clean concrete slab under your carport will help keep your car clean and help prevent damage caused by stone and gravel. We can lay a single or double carport concrete slab that will keep your car on a flat and even surface.

Concrete slabs for patios

We can help you design and create an attractive patio that is perfect for your home and lifestyle. Patios are a quick and great way to add value to your home without requiring building approvals and going through a renovation.

It’s important to create an area that will serve you as well as an area that is aesthetically pleasing, so you want to spend time in it. Concrete can be coloured, patterned, or textured to create a natural stone look, pebble look, or even plain concrete with added colour tint.

We can add a non-slip surface to a patio and seal it with a clear or tinted seal.

Concrete slabs for sheds

If you want to build a shed, you’ll first need to lay a concrete slab. Without a concrete slab, your shed will likely sink into the ground causing the structure to rust.

A concrete slab will keep your shed off the ground and level, which also means everything inside it will also be off the ground. Learn more about shed slabs.

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