Coloured Concrete

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Most people just think of concrete as plain looking and grey in colour. Just like they see on street footpaths and in building structures. This is the natural colour of concrete; however, it is possible to add colour by adding a stain to the concrete mix to give you the look you desire.

Concrete is an inexpensive highly durable material that makes an ideal choice for outdoor areas. We offer a wide choice of colour solutions to give you a choice of bold or subtle.

Coloured Concrete | Gold Coast | Walton Concreting

Whatever design you have or want to achieve from modern, to minimalist, to contemporary, coloured concrete gives you that option. For even more variety, you can combine coloured concrete with stamped concrete which adds texture and/or patterns to your colour choice. For deeper colour, we recommend applying a colour sealer.

Why choose coloured concrete

  • Add beauty to your home

Take advantage of the wide range of colour choice for your next concreting job. Colour adds appeal and value to your home with all the practical advantages of tough hard-wearing slip resistant concrete. Colour can help finish an outdoor theme, such as a ‘beach’ look or a Mediterranean look.

  • Blend, stand out or colour match

Adding colour to your concrete footpath, driveway, or patio area is a good way to blend it with the surrounding area and landscape, and colour match brickwork, fences, or doors. Make it easy to find your driveway by standing out with a different colour to that of all the neighbours.

  • Easy to look after

Concrete is extremely durable and weather proof. It’s also very easy to keep clean by sweeping it or hosing it down.

Got dirty coloured concrete? We can clean any existing concrete area around your home using our high-water pressure cleaning equipment.

We can help you with coloured concrete

If you’d like to spruce up your plain concrete drive, footpaths, or patio areas, we can help with a professional colour coat. All our concreting work is done to Australian standards.

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