Add a patio to your Gold Coast home

We make getting a new patio easy. A patio is a paved area that joins the rear exterior of your home. The sub-tropical climate we have on the Gold Coast makes an outdoor area a great way to enhance your lifestyle. Create a unique space for entertaining, BBQ’s, relaxing, or a beautiful garden space. A patio can be covered for protection from rain and sun or can be open and

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A patio can make a great covered area for a pet to sleep. Install a clothes line under a patio roof and you’ll never have to worry about your washing getting caught in the rain. Turn a patio area into an eating area and you’ll be able to eat ‘out’ any time you like! A patio can be a great place to sit and supervise children in your pool or just relax in the fresh open air.

3 ways a patio can improve your home

  • Lifestyle

Get more from your backyard with a beautiful patio area. A patio area can be uncovered or covered. A patio is an economical way to add living space to your home without having to add on an extension.

  • Increase value

If you are planning to sell your home, considering adding value to your home with simple and economical improvements to the outdoor areas. A concrete patio can be made to fit your desired look in colour and texture.

  • Easy to look after

Muddy or dirty shoes and feet, spilt food, and drinks. The great thing about having a concrete patio outdoor area is that cleaning up is so easy. Colour concrete needs resealing about once every 2-3 years, apart from that a hose down or a sweep, is about the only maintenance you’ll ever need to do.

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