Shed Slabs

How our concreting services can help you with shed slabs

Shed slabs provide an easy and practical flooring solution for small, medium, and large outdoor sheds.

With a concrete slab as flooring, you don’t have to worry about wood rotting when leaving things such as damp garden machinery on it. You’ll have a durable and long-lasting floor close to ground level which will make it easy to get things in and out.

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If you’re already making maximum use of your garage, with cars, boats or even as a conversion into an entertainment area, a garden shed could be the answer to your storage needs. With a concrete shed slab, you’ll get better use possibilities from your shed.

About concrete shed slabs

  • Keeps items inside your shed off the ground

Garden machinery, tools, and other items left on the ground can easily become damp and rust. If you want to use your shed as a workshop or studio, a concrete slab will help keep warmth in. It’s easy to keep your shed clean and comfortable if you get a concrete slab. You can add a rug or carpet to the floor and concrete is easy to sweep up or hose down if/when required.

  • Build on a strong and durable foundation

Everyone knows that a good building needs a solid foundation and a concrete slab is the most solid foundation you can get. Concrete slabs are quick to build, virtually maintenance free and economical. We’ll get your slab ready so all you need to do is put your shed up.

  • Create a level floor

The great thing about garden sheds is how versatile they are. They can be used for storage and even as a workshop or studio. Building on a concrete slab ensures you get an even and level ground surface.

No need to build a step or a ramp, we’ll use our little excavator to dig a hole deep enough to lay a 100ml thick shed slab. With a small dig like this, you don’t need to worry about underground pipes and we’ll remove any dirt that you don’t want.

If you’re considering building a shed, call us and we’ll lay down a concrete slab for you. We’re specialists in building shed slabs on the Gold Coast.

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