Exposed Aggregate

How our concreting services can help you with any small concreting job

Exposed aggregate is a style of concreting that incorporates stones to create a distinctive rough surface pebble look finish. One type of exposed aggregate commonly used in Australia is Pebblecrete.

It can be used anywhere plain concreting is used. The most common areas around the home where you’re likely to see exposed aggregate are around pool areas, driveways, and footpaths.

Exposed Aggregate | Gold Coast | Walton Concreting

We can help you create a stone look using concreting methods. We can match colour to fit with your home which means you can have all the benefits of concrete with a look that you love.

If you have a Pebblecrete driveway that has become dirty, we can bring it back to life with a high pressure clean. Our pressure cleaning equipment blasts water, which makes it safe and environmentally friendly. We’ll be able to lift most dirt, grime, and paint marks and spills.

About exposed aggregate concreting

  • Durable

Exposed aggregate concreting is a highly durable and wears extremely well. Perfect for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic and/or has furniture on it. Driveways are also ideal for laying aggregate concrete because you get durability and street appeal. Extreme weather is no problem for exposed aggregate

  • Skid resistant

The rough surface of exposed aggregate help this type of concreting resistant to skids. This is important for driveways but it’s also great for wet areas such as pool surrounds and footpaths and walkways.

We specialise in small concreting jobs for householders on the Gold Coast. We have all the equipment and experience necessary to create beautiful, professional driveways, patios, footpaths, and pool surrounds that are cost effective, strong, and easy to clean.

We can help you with exposed aggregate concreting on the Gold Coast

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