Plain Concrete

How our concreting services can help you with any small concreting job

Walton Concreting are experts in small concreting jobs including plain concreting.
Plain concrete simply refers to concrete that is used without additional strengthening materials. Concrete is such a versatile material that it has many uses from large buildings and infrastructures to simple a footpath in a garden.

Plain Concrete | Gold Coast | Walton Concreting

For your small home concreting jobs, we have all the equipment we need to take care of the entire process for you. We have a Kanga machine which we can use when required for small excavations. The concreting work we do does not require building approvals or CCTV pipe inspections. We pour concrete to a thickness of 100ml and it generally sets within 24 to 48 hours depending on weather conditions. Concrete does not actually ‘dry’, it cures. Always check with us before walking on your freshly laid concrete.

About plain concrete

What is concrete made from?
Concrete is mix of an aggregate material such as sand or granite combined with cement and water. Cement itself is made from a range of ingredients including compounds such as calcium, silicon, aluminium, and iron that create a chemical combination which reacts with water in a process called hydration to harden concrete.

Plain concrete can be used for almost any concreting application.

  • Driveways

Add value to your home by concreting your driveway. Gravel and dirt driveways can not only make a mess of your car, they can become dangerous and slippery in wet conditions.

  • Footpaths

A concrete footpath can not only add a neat look to your garden, it can serve a practical use for helping keep people walking on your garden or wearing a ‘natural’ path across your lawn.

  • Concrete slabs

If you plan to put up a shed in your yard, plain concrete will do the job. We’ll bring in our Kanga machine to do any small excavations required including prep work for the concrete, arrange for the delivery of concrete, then pour the concrete.

You can call Walton Concreting for any small residential concreting project on the Gold Coast. We open from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and welcome all enquiries.

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