Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from an expert in concreting

We specialise in looking after the small concreting jobs for Gold Coast homeowners. You can call us for any concreting job you need for the exterior of your home, unit, or apartment.

FAQs | Walton Concreting

No. For the type of small concreting jobs we do, no building approval is necessary. We only
need to dig far enough to pour the concrete, so your underground pipes are safe.

All concrete we pour is 100ml thick.

We can create a slate print or paver like patterns.

Plain concrete doesn’t need to be sealed but sealing will add a layer of protection against
spills, dirt, and other stains. It will help keep your concrete looking good.

Resealing should be done every 2 years.

No. Exposed aggregate is a rough pebble/stone surface that can be sealed with clear sealer.

We can lay a concrete slab from as small as 1 cubic metre up to 100 cubic metres.

Yes. We can dig up and remove your old concrete and lay new concrete in its place.

Yes. We have equipment to dig up old concrete and remove the rubble for you.

Yes. Perfect for outdoor entertainment areas and on driveways.

If you have any questions about how we can help you with your concreting, you can call us anytime Monday to Friday from 7:00am until 5:00pm. We operate throughout the Gold Coast.